Tate Britain

Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - empty duveen galleries
Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - ceramic white tiled boxes and tiled floors in duveen galleries


Tate Britain is one of Tate Network’s galleries, presenting artworks from 1500 to the present day. Direct Painting Group carried out the tiling works for Anthea Hamilton’s ‘The Squash’ exhibition in the Duveen galleries.

Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - ceramic white tiles spanning length of duveen galleries
Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - constructed sculpture tiled with ceramic tiles
Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - close up on white tiled boxes
Tate Britain - 'The Squash' - Anthea Hamilton standing on white ceramic tiles laid in duveen galleries


Tate Britain required a fast-track tiling service in preparation for the planned exhibition opening day. Therefore, we developed a programme of works that accommodated this. Once in place, we initiated a site induction and commencing of works.


Over 7,000 white ceramic tiles supplied by Johnson tiles were laid in the Duveen galleries – spanning the length of the gallery and covering the box-like structures. Throughout the works, there were various parts, however, our team delivered a high-quality finish safely and reliably.

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