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We provide high-quality and reliable residential tiling services throughout South London.

residential tilers in South London

What we do?

Through the years, we’ve built a reputation as reliable tilers in South London – helping countless homeowners transform their home with minimal disruption and cost.

We pride ourselves in combining high-quality tools and materials with skilled craftsmanship to achieve a high-quality finish wherever we tile.

Alongside our sister company, Direct Tiling Group, we have been tiling homes in South London for almost 40 years. From splashbacks to wetrooms, we have the expertise to go above and beyond your expectations.

From preparation to completion, we are meticulous at every stage of our work – and it’s our commitment to quality that separates us from other tilers in South London. So no matter how you plan to tile, we provide the professional help you need.

high-end residential tilers in South London
residential tiling in bathroom in South London


What are the different finishes available with tiles?

The variety of tile finishes are almost limitless – and different finishes achieve different looks. Here’s the most popular: 

  • Matte – granular, non-reflective, and matte look.
  • Textured – not smooth or flat, adding depth to a room.
  • Glossy – shiny and reflective surface coating.
  • Glazed – covered in liquid-glass for a slick finish.
  • Polished – polished to achieve a luxurious, uniform look.

We help you select the perfect tile, finish, and date to have the tiles installed – enabling you to renovate your home with your own distinct style.

residential tiling services in South London
residential tiling in South London

No longer are tiles limited to just bathrooms and kitchens; they have become synonymous with almost every part of a modern and stylish home.

Regardless of where you plan to tile, we provide a high-quality and durable tiling solution completely tailored to your style. Also, we streamline the process of tiling your property by helping you with everything from tile choice and grout colour to scheduling our team and aftercare

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How can I calculate how many tiles I need?

First, you’ll need to calculate the square footage of the room that you plan to tile. You can do this by measuring the lengths of two sides of the room and multiplying the figures together. How many boxes of tiles are required can be calculated by dividing the square-footage by the coverage of a box of tiles that you plan to use. As a general rule, factor in an additional 5-10% of tiles for breakage and shortages.

Alternatively, a member of our team can attend and calculate this for you free of charge.

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exterior residential tilers in South London

Exterior Tilers in South London

Tilers are perfect for helping transform a garden, patio, or terrace. Not only will using tiles outdoors look great, but they also add texture, value, and increase curb appeal.

Before tiling outside, consider the size and use of your space; smaller areas benefit from larger-format tiles, while porcelain tiles work best in rainy conditions. Before tiling your property, we always take into account space availability and functionality to ensure you get the maximum performance from our tiling service.

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