Exterior Painters & Decorators South London

We provide high-quality exterior painting and decorating services for residential and commercial properties.

exterior painters and decorators south london

Exterior Painters and Decorators South London

For over 35 years, our painters and decorators have externally decorated residential and commercial properties throughout South London. We’ve built our reputation on quality, and put meticulous attention-to-detail into every stage of our work to ensure a high-quality finish.

From general exterior decorating to specialist coatings, our skilled team has the experience and expertise to breathe new life into any dull, worn-out and colourless facade. 

We’re experienced in decorating all types of exteriors – from houses and apartments to offices and stores – we’re available for jobs of all sizes. As you’d expect from expert exterior decorators, our entire team is highly-skilled, meticulous and thorough when they work.

We’re trade accredited by the Painting & Decorating Association and Checkatrade. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting the professional help you need when you hire exterior painters and decorators in South London.

exterior painting and decorating south london


When's the best time to paint your property?

The best time for painting your exterior is between April and October when the weather is dry and mild. External paints should only be used at temperatures above 8 degrees to ensure the applied paint can completely dry and cure – the warmer, the better. Therefore, it’s best to avoid painting your property during windy and rainy periods.

Ultimately, cold, damp, and rainy conditions will impact the application, adhesion, and overall quality of the finish. Before decorating, we always take this into account and schedule exterior works accordingly.

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Over time facades naturally fade, peel, and crack. However, thorough preparation, Weathershield paints, and a quality surface staining will help keep your exterior looking fresh for years to come; this is our standard exterior decorating practice. Therefore, regardless of the condition or material of your exterior, we’re here to help.

Even though exterior decorating has its challenges, our skilled team follow our strict code of practice to ensure we always deliver exterior decorating safely, reliably, and to a high standard.

How do we prepare surfaces before painting?

  • Removing any flaky, cracked, or bubbling paint
  • Removing and replacing any rotten timber
  • Thoroughly cleaning all exterior surfaces with a sugar soap solution
  • Filling any holes and cracks in the exterior surface
  • Removing and replacing damaged window seals
  • Removing and replacing any rotten woodwork
  • Sanding exterior surfaces to ensure a seamless finish
  • Priming exposed areas with an exterior-grade oil-based primer
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Even though there are various ways you can renovate your property’s exterior, painting gives the biggest bang for your buck – adding colour, value, and helping to protect your exterior surfaces.

Our experienced exterior painters and decorators are ready to help transform your property in South London – and we’re happy to assist you every step of the way – from selecting colours and finish type to scheduling our painters and aftercare.

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