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We provide high-quality and reliable commercial tiling services throughout South London.

South London commercial tilers

What's our goal?

Our goal is to deliver a lasting impact for our clients – providing tailored and robust tiling solutions throughout South London. Whether you’re tiling a splashback or refurbishing your toilets, we aim to be attentive to your needs throughout, ensuring we go above and beyond your expectations.

Since 1983, we have been trusted by countless brands, building our reputation on quality and reliability – and we haven’t made it this long by cutting corners or not living up to our promises.

Alongside our sister company, Direct Tiling Group, we continue to make tiling your workspace a more effortless and seamless experience. We spend time listing to your wants and needs, combining our expertise with high-quality materials to deliver a commercial tiling service with the complete knowledge of what’s important to you.

Through the years, we’ve assembled a multi-skilled team through our rigorous vetting process, ensuring you can be confident you’re getting the professional help you need.

Commercial tilers south london
commercial tiling South London


What do we do?

We put our customers first. Whether we’re working with small businesses or nationwide contractors, we prioritise customer satisfaction over all else. From contact to completion, we’re here to help, from sourcing tile samples to deciding on a finish, we advise and guide your entire project.

Therefore, regardless of tile choice or size, we provide the site team and management to deliver a high-quality finish safely and reliably.

commercial tiling services in South London
commercial tiling company in South London

We specialise in time-sensitive projects, offering a flexible service for the most demanding timescales. As you’d expect from leading commercial tilers in South London, our team can be scheduled to work day or night, weekends or weekdays to ensure completion on time.

Additionally, our commercial tiling expertise has been utilised by UK’s largest contractors, such as Kier Group and Prince Build where we’ve worked on everything from new builds to heritage restoration.

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How do we prepare surfaces before tiling?

We carry out various preparation tasks before tiling any surface. The preparation tasks we carry out include:

  • Remove old fittings, such as pins, screws, rivets etc.
  • Remove any unfit plaster
  • Fill any cracks in surfaces 
  • Level the surface for a smooth finish
  • Sand, so that the adhesive can bond
  • Make sure the surface is dust, dirt and grease-free
  • Prime the surface before tiling
commercial tiling in South London
commercial tiling service in South London

We offer a range of commercial tiling services, ranging from floor & wall tiling to full bathroom installations. Additionally, our tilers have on-site experience with all types of commercial venues – offices, museums, galleries, retail stores, restaurants, and bars. Therefore, regardless of the scope of your works, we’re your main point of contact.

You’ll be appointed a dedicated site team, on hand to manage everything from a precise cost-breakdown to specialist advise and support.

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