Blanchard House | TW1

Blanchard House - third bedroom painted in grey and white
Blanchard House - living room painted in cream and white
Blanchard House - bedroom painted in grey and white


Located on Blanchard House in Twickenham, we completed interior decoration in this 3-bedroom home – including various bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The owner’s goal for their space was simple; to create a modern and stylish interior.

Blanchard House - tiled bathroom with ceilings painted in white
Blanchard House - storage room painted in cream
Blanchard House - second bedroom painted in grey and white
Blanchard House - dining room painted in white


Following our initial visit to the property, we provided a precise cost-breakdown, together with advice on paint-colours and finishes. Additionally, we developed a realistic schedule of works, programming the project from start to finish.


The newly decorated home is a stylish space complete with a neutral colour-scheme made up of complementary wall and woodwork colours. Each room that our team decorated underwent thorough preparation and meticulous painting to achieve a high-quality and lasting finish.

Blanchard House - kitchen painted in cream and white

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